Peridot Orgonite Pendant Necklace

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Peridot orgonite / orgone pendant (5cm, 2") - wealth, money, success, love, healing, manifestation, meditation

 This is special programmed a powerful money artifact and talisman!

This pendant will attract you money energy and flow during all your life.

Metals: copper, 24k gold 

Dimensions (approx): 2" (5 cm) length

Crystals: natural peridot - olivine

Reiki infused, charged and activated pendant, which is made with love only from natural stones / crystals, genuine 24k gold and copper.

All minerals are cleaned and positively charged, to give the best results. I use the highest quality materials on the market to create each piece, and each is hand crafted one at a time. As I use only natural stones, ordered pyramids may be slightly different from the samples.

Peridot - Heart Chakra. It has friendly energy and is excellent for healing. It assists in rebirth and renewal of all kinds. The vibration of these lovely lime green stones resonates with the frequency of increase, so it is a noteworthy gemstone for manifestation of all desired things. It may increase confidence and assertiveness, balanced by patience and clarity of thought. It is known as a stone for prosperity and happiness. It may create an improvement in your spirituality and health, and the energy of these green stones also helps to create an increase in love and joy in your life. It brings improved emotional health and is a very effective stone to manifest growth in your abundance and prosperity, and its action to manifest an increase in the flow of money is amazing.

You will receive:

- 1 good packaged pendant

- 1 pendant cord, which may be different from the one shown in the picture

The crystals and stones used in organites are unique and different in shape and size, so ordered organites may be slightly different from the sample in the picture.

As with all handmade items, these are individual and unique pieces which may have tiny imperfections.