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Polyester Cat Tree Kitten Furniture Plush Playhouse with Dangling Toy

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STURDY AND SAFE: Stability is always a priority. The bottom base is strengthened that ensure the stability of the whole cat tree.

WIDEN AND SPACIOUS: The extra-large top perch with raised rim offer maximum comfort for a feline friend while they are lounging and looking out window They will definitely enjoy it!

COZY AND PRIVACY: The dual condos is covered with ultra-soft plush and the enclosed design creating a sense of security provide them a quiet place to curl up for snoozing.

HEALTHY AND FUN: Fully wrapped with natural sisal, the scratching post will completely satisfy their instinct of scratching and help them maintain healthy habits of clawing!

REASONABLE AND DETACHABLE: With the unique design, the dangling ball will be strong enough to be destroyed. What’s better, we provide the spare replacement

1. WONDERFUL RELAXATION SPOTS: Two private cozy apartments covered either felt or plush creating a sense of security that doubles as a hiding spot and a quiet place for better sleeping.
2. PERFECT BIRD VIEW HEIGHT: It's 34" high, with a large well-paded perch on the top with a thick raised rim that provides strong support for cats to lounge and enjoys the bird view outside the window
3. Meet Cat’s Natural Instinct: Two fully wrapped scratching posts covered with natural sisal could satisfy your cats’ natural urge to scratch while the ramp at the bottom base covered by different sisal mater provides a different scratching experience.
4. VARIOUS FUN: It is equipped with a dangling fuzzy ball. your cat can experience the thrill of the hunt by stalking and batting that bring them hours and hours of fun.
5. PREMIUM QUALITY: The cat tree was covered by plush material that is soft for felines to touch when they play on it.
6. STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Well balanced design and the heavy base make it a safe free-standing that is quite safe and sturdy for cats to play.
7.RATIONAL DESIGN: The top cover is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning and the hanging ball is detachable so that it could be replaced.
8. EASY ASSEMBLE: Step-by-step instruction included. 

Color: Beige, Gray
Dimension:17.7” X19.7” X33.9”(45X50X86CM) It is recommended 2~3 cats up to 6 kg for the best experience.
Material: CARB-certified Board, Plush Fabric, Sisal Rope
Package Contents:
1 x Cat Tree
1 x Manual
1x Spare Fuzzy Ball
1x Spare Felt Cover 

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