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Succulent 'String of Pearls' / 6" Pot / Live Home and Garden Plants

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The String of Pearls Succulent has a unique structure and grows with ease.

The succulent will arrive in 6" pot. Plants may vary slightly from the pictures.
All succulents are carefully packed for shipment and will arrive in great condition and ready to enjoy.
A care guide will be included with all orders to help you properly care for your Plants.
Succulents are expedited to make sure they arrive healthy and in a timely manner.

Succulent plants are trendy for a reason. With juicy leaves, stems, or roots, succulents form a vast and diverse group of plants, offering easy-care choices for your home. Plus, they look stunning planted alone or as companions. The color variation of succulents seems almost endless: blue-green, chartreuse, pink, red, yellow, white, burgundy, almost black, variegated, and more. The leaves may be rounded, needlelike, berrylike, ruffled, or spiky.

Many have an enticing "touch-me" quality. Light Most varieties need at least half a day to a full day of sunlight. In extremely hot areas some afternoon shade is recommended.

Planting: Remove Plants from their pots and plant making sure the soil level remains the same depth on the plant. Once established, your succulents will benefit from a layer of pebbles or pea gravel spread on the soil around the plant. This is also very decorative. Soil Succulents need good draining soil.

When planting in the garden, make sure the area drains well and is not in a low spot that would stay wet. For container planting, you can purchase cactus soil or incorporate sand, gravel, or volcanic rock for better drainage. The container you are planting in should have a drainage hole or put the crushed rock on the bottom before your planting medium.

Watering: After planting, water in well and allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings. Succulents don't like to have wet feet. When you do water, water thoroughly.

The planting of possibilities using succulents is endless. The different colors, textures, and habits make the most interesting containers and troughs. Succulents make beautiful rock garden Plants. With a wide variety of bloom times, there is always something with color.

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