Embark on a Celestial Journey

Introducing 'Galactic Dive', our latest creation that bridges the gap between reality and the surreal, drawing you into a world beyond our own. An essential piece of the esteemed Neoma Sanativa Design collection, this poster captivates the viewer with its interstellar allure and magical touch.

Our 'Galactic Dive' poster showcases a woman fearlessly diving into an ethereal pool, seemingly floating amidst a vivid galaxy. The multicolored nebula and scattered planets, set against a backdrop of a starlit sky with a rainbow leading to the moon, make for a truly mesmerizing spectacle.

Unlocking the Power of Imagination

Our lives often revolve around routines, and it's easy to forget the vastness and mystery of the universe beyond. This piece encourages us to rekindle our sense of wonder, stirring our imagination and breaking the monotony of the everyday.

The 'Galactic Dive' poster is not just a work of art, but also a catalyst that prompts exploration of our deepest thoughts and dreams, ultimately sparking creativity and inspiring new perspectives.

Space-Defining Wall Art

Whether it's a home, a gallery, a restaurant, or a retail store, this poster adds a unique futuristic touch to any space. It's printed on high-quality, 10 mil thick paper, with a partly glossy, partly matte finish, ensuring both the aesthetics and longevity of the poster.

The print is framed in .75ā€ (1.9 cm) thick ayous wood and protected by an Acrylite front protector. With hanging hardware included and an average delivery time of 4-7 days, we ship exclusively within the USA.

Sustainability at Heart

We believe in thoughtful production. That's why each poster is made as soon as you place your order, reducing overproduction and contributing to a more sustainable environment. We appreciate your patience and support in this endeavour.

Invite the 'Galactic Dive' into your space. Embark on an imaginative journey, and experience the universe from a new perspective.


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