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Hello all of you lovely beings that take the time to read this! I'm Jalynn, the solo female of Neoma Sanativa Design, and it's my turn for a voice on a blog post. While blogging is cathartic it can be stress inducing at times, however, I already love it and look forward to sharing my voice with you in the future. Today's post just so happens to be about stress, more specifically, positive ways to handle stress. It's very easy to lash out and become destructive when dealing with stressful situations. Being a first time business owner while also having a full-time job I have been no stranger to stress and the feelings of burn-out. Needless to say I'm also using this post to release some of the stress that I am currently carrying! Today I will provide you with 10 tips that I use to help me let go of stress in a positive way. Let me know how you deal with stress in the comments below!

10 Tips To Deal With Stress in a Positive Way

#10 Spend Time With Friends

I've always found that meeting up with friends is a great way to bring joy into my life, and help me through my stressful situations. Whether it's grabbing a beer or just talking about life I can always rely on my friends to pull me out of a rut and make me laugh. Laughter is great medicine for getting you through stressful situations. Don't be afraid to let your friends know that you need them and how much they mean to you.

#9 Listen To Music & Dance

Music is a wonderful stress reliever. I have often turned to music when I'm stressed or sad, and it has helped me through many rough situations. Dancing is just as helpful for me even when I don't feel like it. It helps to boost my mood, get active, and clear my mind. Whether it is a slow dance with your pets, kids, or spouse or an all out dance party, take time to let loose!

10 Tips To Deal With Stress in a Positive Way

10 Tips To Deal With Stress in a Positive Way

#8 Positive Affirmations

At times we all need to convince ourselves of the power that we have within to help us through stressful situations. Positive affirmations that I use include: I am powerful, I am calm, I am capable of doing whatever I set my mind to, I am intelligent, I am worthy, I will do something positive to change the world today! You can adjust this to fit you, or find many other great affirmations online. When you say these words say them with a smile and let the power of the words flow through you to help you be more at peace and balanced with your situation.

#7 Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to clear your mind, but can also be the hardest to master. Start small with 1-2 minutes of finding a quiet place, focus on slowing down your breathing, and clearing your mind of the negativity. Think of your breath flowing in and out like the waves of the ocean and let your body and mind focus on that. As you become more comfortable with meditation you can extend the amount of time you meditate. There are also many great guided meditations that can assist in putting you in the right mindset. You can check out meditation music with binaural frequencies to help put your mind in the right space for meditation.

10 Tips To Deal With Stress in a Positive Way

10 Tips To Deal With Stress in a Positive Way

#6 Exercise

Whenever I feel like I can't handle a situation I make time to go for a walk and clear my mind. I focus on the steps in front of me and my breath until I can attack the situation from a different perspective. You can also go for a run, hike, yoga, or go to the gym. Being active is a great way to reduce stress and provide clarity. Focusing on yourself and your health is a great way to be the best you that you can be!

#5 Be Artistic!

Recently I lost my last great grandparent and in coping with that loss I decided to paint. It helped me to process the grief and let go of the sadness in order to create something beautiful in her memory. Painting or doing anything crafty is a great way to deal with stress and sadness, and in turn make something beautiful in the process. You don't have to be gifted artistically and there are many great tutorials available if you are struggling for ideas on what to create.

10 Tips To Deal With Stress in a Positive Way

10 Tips To Deal With Stress in a Positive Way

#4 Start A Hobby

Yeah, it sounds cheesey, but it's never too late to try something new! Have you always wanted to learn how to play guitar or cook culinary dishes? Sign up for a class or do some research on a new subject, or idea. Don't let your stress hold you down or keep you from doing something that you have always wanted to do. Is there something from your childhood that you never got to do? Take some time to see if you can still do it! Doing things that you used to find enjoyable can lead you to new possibilities and opportunities as an adult.

#3 Volunteer

It's important to recognize when you are stressed out that others may be less fortunate than you. Taking time to give back by volunteering your time is a great way to put things back into perspective when you are stressed. You can make new friends in the process and build your network while volunteering. There are many great opportunities in every city to volunteer. You never have to look very far for a way to help others. Something as simple as picking up a piece of trash on the street is volunteering your time! I have had wonderful experiences volunteering my time to the local community.

10 Tips To Deal With Stress in a Positive Way

Start A Podcast, Vlog, or Blog

#2 Start A Podcast, Vlog, or Blog

Practice what you preach! As I stated in my intro this blog is my own way of releasing stress and helping me through my own emotions. Getting your voice out to the world and being heard can be extremely helpful and rewarding when it feels like nothing is going right. As an Aquarius I have a natural urge to want to help others, and if this blog can help one person it will bring me immense joy and be worth the time, effort, and energy. There are many great resources out there for starting a podcast, vlog, or blog, and while it may seem scary it can be satisfying to express your voice to the world.

#1 Writing & Journaling

On the opposite side of blogging, vlogging, or creating a podcast is keeping it more private with a personal journal or dream log. Sometimes it's nice to have a collection of your personal thoughts and dreams to look back on and reflect on personal growth. We don't always want to share everything with everyone, and it's nice to have something that's just for your eyes only. Writing can help you process your stressful emotions into words and allow you to vent your feelings in a positive way instead of unloading those negative feelings on a family member or friend. While it's still important to let your friends and family know about your mental state there are times when you may want to keep it to yourself in your journal.

Writing & Journaling

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