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Posted at 10:05 • 7 January • Brandon McNeal, Jalynn McNeal, & Logan McNeal • News

Today we are excited to talk about 5 of our favorite festivals! We also want to let you know that we will have new festival gear coming out very soon so be sure to stay on the look out for updates. Some of the festivals we are going to talk about we have attended and others we have only been able to watch via live stream. No matter how you attend a festival either physically or digitally there is no doubt that you can feel the energy and loving vibes in every moment. What are your favorite festivals? Let us know in the comments below. Let's get started!

#5 Ultra Music Festival Miami

This was one of the first festivals we ever watched live. We say watch because we haven't been able to attend yet... it's something that has been on the to-do list for a few years. It would have been cool to see it in the original location where it all started, but we look forward to having the opportunity to check out the new home of Ultra Music Festival in Virginia Key some day in the near future!

#4 Tomorrowland Belgium

To say we were inspired by the festivals in Belgium would be an understatement. This is another festival that we hope to be able to attend some day, and be able to feel the incredible vibes that it has to offer. Luckily the wait is almost over for Tomorrowland Belgium tickets!

#3 EDC Las Vegas

This is one of the festivals that we look forward to every year! Las Vegas offers some incredible energy to tap into. The one thing that always inspires us with EDC Las Vegas is the music! Each year the line up gets better and better with a wide range of genres.

#2 Lollapalooza

Logan has attended Lollapalooza the last 2 years! One thing that Logan really likes about the festival is the atmosphere it provides. Lollapalooza also offers a wide range of music types which means there is something for everyone! Dancing among the cityscape of Chicago will leave you with lasting memories and friendships.

#1 Electric Forest

Electric Forest is one of Logan's favorite festivals that he will continue to go back to year after year! He attended for the first time last year and made some incredible memories. You will find an environment full of free spirits and lots of laughter. See the forest come to life during this unforgettable experience.

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